History of Shoes

Shoes have changed to a considerable extent over the years. True fans of shoes will want to take a look around on the market. The history of shoes is a popular topic and has many important steps. Fossil evidence shoes that humans wore shoes up to 40,000 years ago. That adds to the lengthy history of shoes now made available. People want to stay fashionable and wear shoes that are consistent with current trends. Learn a little about how fashion trends in shoes have changed considerably over the years. That can help fashionistas stay updated on these shoes as fashion trends go through changes over time.

There was a time when shoes were simply straight and narrow. There was no differentiation between left and right shoes that people wear. That shows how much these shoes have changed since they were first introduced. Consumers show their preferences for shoes and influence the decisions made by manufacturers. These manufacturers want people to buy their shoes whenever possible. That has encouraged shoe makers to showcase pairs that are comfortable. Some of the first fashionable shoes were actually made out of silk. That caught on quickly and high class ladies were the first to pick up on the trend. Follow the trends and see the logic behind new shoes that were introduced.

The 1800’s saw a stark differentiation between shoes for men and women. They finally started wearing distinct styles that stood apart from one another. Closed toes shoes were the norm for men and seemed to have stayed that way. Women saw a flourish of creativity when it came to their feet. They felt the freedom to wear a greater variety of shoes than ever before. That helped women feel liberated and enjoy the style of the time. The era would set the stage for a new fashion trend every now and then. That would be the wave of the future roughly one hundred years later. Retrace the steps for how shoes became a symbol of high fashion itself among buyers.

The 20th century saw rapid changes to the way that shoes were handled. Each decade introduced popular new shoes that people wanted to buy. That sparked a consumer market that would take the world by storm. It also added an important chapter to the history of shoes themselves. People would be able to wear whatever they wanted to suit their lives. That gives them a chance to personalize their own unique style. Sharing fashion secrets with friends became a popular activity that people wanted to try. Shoes are one of the most popular fashion items and have been so during many years in the 20th century.

During the Great Depression era, men typically wore black and brown colored shoes for themselves. As the decades went on though, men found new shoes that they could wear. That gave them a new sense of identity and pride in who they were too. That was coupled with some post-war success that was undeniable. Shoes played a big part in the changing trends as the decades moved forward. Women also found plenty of new shoe varieties to try for themselves. Their style and fashion sense changed with the times too. Each decade brought a new era of shoes that had to be seen over time.

The 1980’s saw a new fashion trend take place as well. It became popular to make a fashion statement with one’s new pair of shoes. In 1986, Doc Martin was a stylish choice to make for many men. That was because it defied fashion trends and set a new statement for itself. These shoes are popular and help people choose a path to take in life. Women made similar statements during the same time period. The 80’s and 90’s saw the rise of popular new brands of shoes. Consumers could choose the pair that they wanted and make a choice for themselves.

Nowadays, there are certainly shoes that will suit any kind of fashion need. People can own multiple different types of shoes that fit in to their wardrobe. That makes them well suited to handling any kind of social occasion too. Popular brand name shoe manufacturers are now on the market too. That helps people choose their favorite brand and go with that choice. Shoes are sold at a high price, but people seem willing to pay for it. That keeps the shoes on the shelf and distributes the brand on a global level. That may be the wave of the future too.